Come learn with us.  Come play with us.

facilitated by the Kapwa Collective & tattoo artist, Kristina Gusion

Date:  Thursday, October 25, 2012 
Time:  6-9pm
Location: Guerilla Printing
587A College St. (Toronto)
just east of Clinton St.
2nd floor*

*the Kapwa Collective is committed to making our events inclusive and accessible.  We had to make a last minute venue change and regret that we could not secure an accessible space for this Playshop.  Please contact us directly if you have any concerns.  Salamat.

During this Batok Inspired Block Print Playshop you will explore:

- a brief history about Batok (Kalinga Tattoo)
- meanings of Batok through Block Printing
- and create your own pattern/image inspired by Batok symbols and patterns

Facilitated by the Kapwa Collective & guest artist Kristina Gusion

All Materials Provided.  Minimum $10 donation (per person).  All funds will go toward materials and making Kapwa Collective Events inclusive and accessible.

limited space available. register today:  visit our FB event page or contact us:

learn more about Kristina Guison’s artwork

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